Our Values

To be forward thinking and treat all our guests and employees with respect.

We are environmentally conscious and want to inspire a new generation to shape a better future for themselves.

We care for the total well-being of our guests and have created a hospitality experience that caters to mind, body and soul.

We believe in the 4 Cs:

Care – we are a caring community of people
Creative – we believe in developing creativity for all aspects of life
Commitment – we are committed to helping people improve their lives
Courage – we have the strength and courage to stand by our beliefs

We care about our society: our “The Gallery – Floor of Love” Campaign at Hotel sáv Hong Kong brings together over 20 artists and creative talents to display their creations in our guestrooms. Proceeds go to two local beneficiaries: Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, and Make-A-Wish Hong Kong.

We care about our future: we support nurturing or educational programs including Future Stars program initiated by the Government in Hong Kong to assist youths from underprivileged families in their transition from school to work, supporting a brighter future for our children.

We care about our environment: our Pacific Cebu Resort organizes the Miss Scuba Philippines, where winners participate in educational activities to promote awareness of marine conservation and environment protection.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for your stay.

Hong Kong

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