We believe that color is the language of the soul. Our flagship hotel in Hong Kong is designed using sáv Colors to create a feeling of peace, positivity and well-being.

We feature color-themed guestrooms, restaurant and bar, and we’ve teamed up with Aura-Soma essential oils and express manicure. Are you ready to color yourself?

The sáv Colors: orange, red, yellow, pink, green, purple and blue. Each color will be featured on a different day of the week to include special promotions and happenings.

SUNDAY | Stylish Vigorous Creativity

MONDAY | Passion Vitality Enthusiasm

TUESDAY | Wisdom Imagination Enlightenment

WEDNESDAY | Love Elegance Tenderness

THURSDAY | Freshness Relaxation Revitalization

FRIDAY | Surprise Mystery Sophistication

SATURDAY | Peace Calm Spirituality

Don’t be shy. Come and meet our sáv Ambassadors when you arrive and find out more about your color journey at sáv and what personalized benefits we offer you.

Hong Kong

9:30 AM | WED 10 SEP